The Top 10 Most Prevalent Internal Attacks and How to Prepare for Them

Why are today's enterprises failing at security fundamentals?

We compiled this paper to detail the top internal attacks we have used over the past two years with over 20,000 hours of successful engagements. The focus of this research was to identify common trends so organizations can focus their efforts on the primary attack vectors that are used to compromise networks.

Download the report to find the "Top 10 Attacks Vectors" used to compromise networks of today's leading organizations.

Top 10 attacks covered in this report:

  • ‣  Domain Credential Guessing and Cracking

  • ‣  Broadcast Name Resolution Poisoning

  • ‣  Local Administrator Attacks using Local Accounts

  • ‣  Local Administrator Attacks using Domain Accounts

  • ‣  Stealing Credentials from Memory (Mimikatz)

  • ‣  Privilege Escalationby Cracking SPN Kerberos Tickets (Kerberoasting)

  • ‣  Automated Collection of Internal Data and Account Information

  • ‣  Execution via Trusted Code (Signed Binaries or Scripts)

  • ‣  Access Token Manipulation

  • ‣  Exploitation of Remote Software

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